Date Title Participants
23.09.2020 Opening and Introduction

Discussion 1 “From model to impact: Reconstruction of past climate changes and their consequences“
Opening: Friederike Fless

Hans Rudolf Bork, Detlef Gronenborn, Jörg Linstädter, Pavel Tarasov
30.09.2020 Discussion 2 “Impact of Climate Change on Early Cultures – Case Studies”   Mayke Wagner, Andrea Kay, Lee Clare, n.n.
07.10.2020 Discussion 3 “Water Management and Desertification” Brigitta Schütt, Arnulf Hausleiter, Michael Rohde, Bernd Müller-Neuhof
14.10.2020 Discussion 4 “Impact of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage | Coastal Risk and Flooding” Lena Reimann, David Harkin (Mairi Davies), Burkhard Vogt, Nassos Vafeidis
21.10.2020 Discussion 5 “Impact of Climate Change on cultural Heritage | Warming”   Henny Piezonka, Anne Jensen, n.n., n.n.
29.10.2020 Final Discussion, Closing Event     n.n.

The conference language will be English.